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Hot summer trends May 21, 2014

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Here One Crown In Glory shows how to wear this seasons hottest trends.. as seen on NBC today show, NBC, Vogue Magazine and more.. check them out


The Best Things in Life Are Free! June 22, 2012

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Just like the song says “The Best Things in Life Are Free”..Don’t you just love it when things are free.. ahhh I sure do..

Well, speaking of free, I was planning my week and I came across a site that gave such interesting information regarding free or very low cost  locations to bring the kids to.   From the Bronx zoo to the Queens Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately most are not on the weekend, you can just plan a day at the park, a good BBQ (love those) or the beach.  During the week you might want to check out whats available. Some of the locations listed are pretty awesome. check it out!

And now for the task of the week, now that summer’s here you might want to lighten up the hair just a bit and change the tone of makeup you use.  Its about brightening your colors,  Its about you Girl so Standup Latina and be Proud!


Dogs Days of Summer.. Where’s the Relief? June 21, 2012

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Hi Everyone,

Summer is in full gear in New York with sweltering temperatures of 99 and above.  It’s enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk wish it was enough to melt the fat away..HA! Wishful thinking. 

The weekend is approaching and I gather your wondering where to bring the kids for some much needed relief from the heat.  I gathered some information on several pools within the area that are either free or at a low fee. Below are links to locations of different pools throughout the five boro’s.  I’ve also managed to include Long Island.  Beaches are also open,  I prefer Jones Beach but if transportation is limited for you Rockaway beach is pretty cool now adays.  Stay within the beach 96 – 101. That area is family friendly besides it has this great Empanada/Arepa place called Caracas.. There delish!  There a bit pricey but so worth it.








Lastly,  don’t forget that sunblock.  It must be applied every 30 minutes.  Now since were going to the beach, I wanted to include a task that will work well while your sunbathing and enjoying the sun with the kids.  Why not put on one of those head scarfs bring it down little towards the middle of your forehead, something colorful and don’t forget to dab on lipgloss and pretty earrings..  Looking good is feeling good… StandupLatina and be Proud!


You and the Kids are First Always June 18, 2012

Good Evening,   I have been contemplating on how to begin todays note.  I gave it much thought because it is a subject I have been hearing allot of lately, Domestic Violence.

Thankfully I have never experienced such horror and I hope that none of you ever do.  It is a difficult situation to deal with but it is one that you can take control of.  I wanted to share a website with you so that you  are equipped with information. Sometimes we feel that you don’t have any place to turn to or to embarrassed to even mention it, Don’t be it isn’t your fault.  Abuse comes in many ways, verbal, mental and physical.  I am not an expert but I have seen many to know that there is help, that there are caring people out there.  One of the saddest parts is that there are so many cases that are left unreported. It isn’t just the woman being battered, it is also the children and its that violence that they see that continues to fuel this destructive behavior.   I want to share this website so that you can empower yourself and take control because you have so much give.


If you know of anyone that is being abused dont’ keep it to yourself, you owe it to that person, to that child to help and report it.

It takes just one person to care, why not let it be you.–abuse-53/domestic-violence-the-facts-195.html.

What are the different forms of domestic violence?

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, abuse often begins with verbal behaviors such as name-calling, threats, and hitting or throwing objects. It can become worse, including pushing, slapping, and holding against the victim’s will. Further battering may include punching, hitting, and kicking and may escalate to life-threatening behaviors such as choking, breaking of bones, or use of weapons.

The following are forms of domestic violence and battering:

  • physical – battering or hitting causing physical injury that may include bruising, broken bones, internal bleeding, and death. Often the abuse begins with minor contact and escalates over time into more violent actions.
  • sexual – often accompanies or follows physical battering, and results in rape or other forced sexual activity.
  • psychological or emotional – an abuser often mentally or emotionally abuses with words, threats, harassment, extreme possessiveness, forced isolation, and destruction of belongings. Isolation often occurs when the abuser tries to control a victim’s time, activities, and contact with others. Abusers may accomplish this through interfering with supportive relationships, creating barriers to normal activities, such as taking away the car keys or locking the victim in the home, and lying or distorting what is real to gain psychological control.
  • stalking – repeated harassing or threatening behavior; often leads to physical or sexual abuse.
  • economic – when the abuser controls access to the all of the victim’s resources, such as time, transportation, food, clothing, shelter, insurance, and money. For example, he may interfere with her ability to become self-sufficient, and insist that he control all of the finances. When the victim leaves the violent relationship, the perpetrator may use economics as a way to maintain control or force her to return.

Lastly, today’s task: If what I wrote about is something that you know of because of a friend or family member or perhaps you yourself have been in an abusive relationship in the past you owe it to yourself to help another out.  The link will give you information on volunteering.  If this isn’t a program that you’re interested in its ok,  pick one that you feel strongly about and give time back to your community. Stay strong and StandUpLatina and be proud.


Safe Horizon:

Toll free#  If you or someone you know are being abused…
Call 800.621.HOPE (4673)

New York Presbyterian Hospital:


Gerber Baby Food Hoax June 16, 2012

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Good Evening,

I wanted to share some quick information with you especially when it comes to our children.   There has been allot of information regarding a Gerber Baby food item being recalled.  This is not true, it is  a hoax.  You can check out this site for real food recalls..


Its always best to be safe. Enjoy your evening and wishing a Happy Fathers Day to your Papi’s…StandUpLatina and be Proud!


Butt what’s this all about?

Hi there!

The other day I caught up with one of my new favorite daytime shows “Bethenny”.  She had Coco on her show and they spoke about her, what else? Butt.  Though I always thought Coco’s butt was artificial but you know what?  Who cares!  What I did find interesting was her work out, here’s that link you should check out it.!.

Now,  I know that we are trying to shed those last few pounds before the kids are done with school and the beach weather is in full gear. But you have to agree with me that the Butt is one of the very important if not THE most important part now adays.  I mean really, you know they’re gonna look at you when you walk away might as well make sure it looks as good as it could.

There is allot of talk about the Brazilian workout, Brazilian gazillion you and I know that those tapes are so darn expensive and most of us can’t afford a real gym.  What we can do is utilize the internet and most of us all have a computer.  Now adays, you can find almost anything on youtube, from how to apply makeup to how to cook a particular dish.  You can also find a how to get “The Butt”.  I have done some homework and I found one of the best ones in my opinion.  Check it out and let me know however,  if you do decide do commit  you must remember to be consistent.  You could see some results if you’re watching what you’re eating in as little as 2-3 weeks.  So what are you waiting for,  there is plenty of time before the 4th of July beach weekend.  Everyone is getting into these workouts heck even itunes is offering a $0.99 cent butt workout app for your iPhone or iPad.  You might want to check that out.  Here is the butt workout I mentioned, its pretty intense,  This youtube video is really really good however if you have the budget to purchase Leandro Carvalho’s Brazilian butt workout do it.  If you read my last post about Beachready you saw there was a link to the page about BeachBody. Within that package the Leandro Carvalho’s butt workout CD is part of the Beachbody package.  If you don’t  not to worry, the above youtube link does the trick.

And lastly my daily task, make sure when your going out today that you have on your sunscreen. Always make sure that you apply the sunscreen especially on the face and of course the rest of the body.  You want to take care of your face, you don’t want to prematurely wrinkle.  I have for years taken care of my skin and thankfully it has paid off.  So remember before leaving the house apply that sunscreen and the lipgloss oh and don’t forget that hair accessory.. Have a glorious day, don’t sit around Standuplatina and be proud.


Security first, its about keeping them safe June 14, 2012

Hi again,

I had posted a list of wonderful activities and places you can go with the kids earlier this week but I left out a very very important component, security.  When we leave the house its so important to have a plan of action in place.  What with so many kids getting lost and hurt I wouldn’t want that to happen to any of you.  I found a website that gives great helpful advice on how to prepare before leaving your home if you’re going to a street fair, amusement park or a playground.  The most important thing is to discuss a game plan with them.  They need to know that if they God for bit get lost or wander away from you they should look for a woman (mother) with kids, a shop assistant or a police officer and tell them they need help to find their mother.


Here is the link, they offer great safety tips when out and about with the kids.  Its always best to be safe then sorry…. So check it out and set a plan before heading out.

And lastly the daily task;  Because we’re always in a rush we always tend to just pull our hair into a bun or a ponytail and run out.  Why don’t you try to add a hair accessory to it.  It’ll look like you took the time to fix yourself as oppose to looking like you just rolled out of bed.  There are really great hair accessories available especially since they are the hottest thing now.  You can get them at just about any shop now but if you have the extra cash to splurge you might want to look into  They have really really beautiful hair accessories, check them out. Till manana…Have a great evening and StandUpLatina and be proud.