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Budget smudget What about me? June 12, 2012

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Hi there!

Hoping that you’ve filled up your calender for things to do this month with the kids, just incase you didn’t catch it, check out my June 10th blog (summer around the corner).  I’ve listed a ton of things that can be done this month for FREE with the kids thanks to TimeoutNYKids.  Now that you have the entertainment in place for the kids, what about you? Were able to check out the job/training program I listed earlier? It’s a really good program for those that want a change and feel the need to sort of help others then this might be something you might be interested in  Hopefully  you’re on your way to new possibilities, to changes.

Now lets get to you. We always tend to do for others and forget to care for ourselves.  Be it because of budget or time.  Well, I’m here to tell ya that there no excuses.  I’ve found some interesting ways of pampering yourselves that are super easy to do and it’ll fit right into your budget and your time.  Think lemons, salt, oil and sour cream.

I’ve have done a little research and I’ve come up with ways to pamper ourselves on a single mommy’s budget now that summer is here.  This can be done at night once the kids are sleeping and you have that 1 hour if at all to pamper yourself.  I found a few home remedies that work,  I’ve tried them and I tell ya, it has saved me money.  I should know,  I have had to start a budget and thankfully I’m on track though there are some times where I’ve over extended myself but thankfully I’ve always caught up.  These are just a few ways to help you look good, feel good and still stay within your budget.  Lets talk about exfoliation, now most of us have always gone into bath and body works or perhaps to Savon and spent upward of $25 – $50 on products to exfoliate our bodies.  Then we use only a little at a time so we can extend the life of that jar because we know we won’t be able to get another jar for awhile. So ladies,  I’ve found a simple and easy way to do it and it’ll cost ya $2.75.  Thats right! just $2.75.  You need salt (table salt ok) but if you have budget to splurge on sea salt better, get a lime or a lemon and some oil and thats it.  You can use any oil, I like the Neutrogena body oil because it smells so good but you can use any oil that your budget can withstand.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Mix those ingredients together and viola! instant body scrub. You can switch it up and use sugar if you want but the point is that we don’t need to buy those expensive products , at home remedies are really just as good without the brand name. Cause really, we are only paying for the brand name.

Now many of us shave and find that you get razor bumps, the darker the skin the more prone you are to getting those nasty bumps. Well ladies I’ve found a cure, you can use sour cream,  aha, thats right Sour Cream.  You can buy the cheapest in market, it doesn’t have to be  the above mentioned brand.  I just happened to like the texture of this brand.  Once you’ve purchased your sour cream and if you are all done with your shaving you just spread it on your skin it will help you with the razor bumps or shall I say, Razor bumps no more!.

I was watching a TV show the other day and they had some really great home remedies the name of the show is called “Bethenny” on Fox.  They mentioned these great at-home remedies you might want to check out yourself .  I’ll list them below, try them and let me know what you think.  If there is any other remedy your interested in getting information on, let me know and I’ll work on getting that information to you.

Lastly,  today’s task:  Try to gather up any lightly used toys that your kids aren’t using and donate them to a shelter or an after school program.  Most of the time the after school programs have limited budgets and can’t buy new toys because there budget can only handle crayons or paper or something in that area.  By donating your lightly used toys you’ll be helping out more than you can imagine.  Have a great evening and StandupLatina and be proud!


DRY FEET:  take a bucket and pour some beer in it,  just soak your feet in the concoction, it should be soften them up

PIMPLES:  take a ripe brown or spotty banana peel and rub it on the pimple, it will dry it out

HAIR MASK:  mash an avocado add 1 egg and some olive oil, spread on hair-leave it on for about 10 minutes rinse and you’ll have smooth shiny hair.


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