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The Best Things in Life Are Free! June 22, 2012

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Just like the song says “The Best Things in Life Are Free”..Don’t you just love it when things are free.. ahhh I sure do..

Well, speaking of free, I was planning my week and I came across a site that gave such interesting information regarding free or very low cost  locations to bring the kids to.   From the Bronx zoo to the Queens Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately most are not on the weekend, you can just plan a day at the park, a good BBQ (love those) or the beach.  During the week you might want to check out whats available. Some of the locations listed are pretty awesome. check it out!

And now for the task of the week, now that summer’s here you might want to lighten up the hair just a bit and change the tone of makeup you use.  Its about brightening your colors,  Its about you Girl so Standup Latina and be Proud!


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