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BEACH BODY READY? June 14, 2012

Hi There,

In yesterdays blog I mentioned where you can stock up on fresh delicious fruits and vegetables, hopefully you took a trip there and you weren’t disappointed.  Now that you have your fruits and vegetables in check what about the rest of you.  I mean you’re taking care of your insides what about the outside. I always want to make sure that you take care of YOU.  We’re always so busy with the kids that we tend to not take care of ourselves.  When we look good we feel good and when we feel good it shows in so many ways..


I was turned on to a new program well new to me, its called TeamBeachbody.  Its a new way of getting fit.  It comes with a whole bunch of stuff in it, from weights, to shakes, measurements well allot of stuff.  I will be taking the Beachbody challenge.  Just want to warn you, it is a bit costly about a little over $100 but I’ve seen tremendous results.  I will be taking the challenge shortly.  I’ll be ordering the package next week and will be posting before and after pictures once I’ve completed the program.  If interested in checking out the information you can log on to Check it out, Let me know what you think.


Lastly,  I wanted to give you the task of the day:  Always make sure that you encourage your child, always tell them you love them, hug and kiss them and when you’re spending time with them make sure to turn the cell phone off. This is your time with them don’t let anyone or anything distract you from those precious moments with them.  Remember those moments will never come back so cherish them .  When you take care of their needs, you’ll see how much better things can be.  Have a great day and StandUPLatina and be proud!


Budget smudget What about me? June 12, 2012

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Hi there!

Hoping that you’ve filled up your calender for things to do this month with the kids, just incase you didn’t catch it, check out my June 10th blog (summer around the corner).  I’ve listed a ton of things that can be done this month for FREE with the kids thanks to TimeoutNYKids.  Now that you have the entertainment in place for the kids, what about you? Were able to check out the job/training program I listed earlier? It’s a really good program for those that want a change and feel the need to sort of help others then this might be something you might be interested in  Hopefully  you’re on your way to new possibilities, to changes.

Now lets get to you. We always tend to do for others and forget to care for ourselves.  Be it because of budget or time.  Well, I’m here to tell ya that there no excuses.  I’ve found some interesting ways of pampering yourselves that are super easy to do and it’ll fit right into your budget and your time.  Think lemons, salt, oil and sour cream.

I’ve have done a little research and I’ve come up with ways to pamper ourselves on a single mommy’s budget now that summer is here.  This can be done at night once the kids are sleeping and you have that 1 hour if at all to pamper yourself.  I found a few home remedies that work,  I’ve tried them and I tell ya, it has saved me money.  I should know,  I have had to start a budget and thankfully I’m on track though there are some times where I’ve over extended myself but thankfully I’ve always caught up.  These are just a few ways to help you look good, feel good and still stay within your budget.  Lets talk about exfoliation, now most of us have always gone into bath and body works or perhaps to Savon and spent upward of $25 – $50 on products to exfoliate our bodies.  Then we use only a little at a time so we can extend the life of that jar because we know we won’t be able to get another jar for awhile. So ladies,  I’ve found a simple and easy way to do it and it’ll cost ya $2.75.  Thats right! just $2.75.  You need salt (table salt ok) but if you have budget to splurge on sea salt better, get a lime or a lemon and some oil and thats it.  You can use any oil, I like the Neutrogena body oil because it smells so good but you can use any oil that your budget can withstand.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Mix those ingredients together and viola! instant body scrub. You can switch it up and use sugar if you want but the point is that we don’t need to buy those expensive products , at home remedies are really just as good without the brand name. Cause really, we are only paying for the brand name.

Now many of us shave and find that you get razor bumps, the darker the skin the more prone you are to getting those nasty bumps. Well ladies I’ve found a cure, you can use sour cream,  aha, thats right Sour Cream.  You can buy the cheapest in market, it doesn’t have to be  the above mentioned brand.  I just happened to like the texture of this brand.  Once you’ve purchased your sour cream and if you are all done with your shaving you just spread it on your skin it will help you with the razor bumps or shall I say, Razor bumps no more!.

I was watching a TV show the other day and they had some really great home remedies the name of the show is called “Bethenny” on Fox.  They mentioned these great at-home remedies you might want to check out yourself .  I’ll list them below, try them and let me know what you think.  If there is any other remedy your interested in getting information on, let me know and I’ll work on getting that information to you.

Lastly,  today’s task:  Try to gather up any lightly used toys that your kids aren’t using and donate them to a shelter or an after school program.  Most of the time the after school programs have limited budgets and can’t buy new toys because there budget can only handle crayons or paper or something in that area.  By donating your lightly used toys you’ll be helping out more than you can imagine.  Have a great evening and StandupLatina and be proud!


DRY FEET:  take a bucket and pour some beer in it,  just soak your feet in the concoction, it should be soften them up

PIMPLES:  take a ripe brown or spotty banana peel and rub it on the pimple, it will dry it out

HAIR MASK:  mash an avocado add 1 egg and some olive oil, spread on hair-leave it on for about 10 minutes rinse and you’ll have smooth shiny hair.


Affordable summer delights June 11, 2012

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Good Morning,

Now that summer is on the way we always tend to want to lose weight, heck I know I do.  Guess it’s the heat and its also because I see some people that look so great and are fit not to mention all those gorgeous outfits.. It truly motivates me I don’t know about you.

Buying fruits and vegetables on a single mothers budget can be awfully challenging.. We want to give the best and freshest fruit and veggies we can serve our kids.  I’ve shopped at many places, from the fresh green markets, deli’s , fruit stands and super markets and no one but no one beats this neighborhood fruit stand I’ve been frequenting these past few months, the place is called Valentinos.  It’s located in Ridgewood Queens, borderline Brooklyn on Fresh Pond Road and Madison Street. No,  I don’t get paid mentioning this I simply want to give my readers the best possible place for fresh, delicious, cheap fruits and veggies.  Now, to get a great deal on fruit and veggies you must stick with what’s in season. You might want to check out this page, it’ll give you the entire list of fruits and veggies available this summer season and there are lots of them to chose from just incase your child is a picky eater (


Now, when you get to Valentino’s, try not to go on the weekend because its like you’re going for the hottest toy in christmas and you found (1) and you’re running for that last one with 10 other parents behind you running for the same thing.. I know it sounds crazy but thats how crazy it is at Valentino’s. So be patient and let the crazies go by so you can shop and get what you need.  Don’t stress yourself, remember stress eguals everything else we don’t want and if you’ve read my last blogs you know what I’m talking about.  There are fruits in the front right before you enter those are good and the best priced fruits available now you can also go inside but the fruits cost just alittle more. The fruits outside are just as good as the ones on the inside they’re just priced to be moved fast..I  usually grab strawberries, green apples, grapes, pineapple and blueberries from the outside.  The pineapple there is the cheapest I’ve ever found ($2.00) per pineapple Wow! Also, the string beans, my favorite are also beautifully priced.  I love  buying them, I clean them up and cook  them in some spaghetti sauce sprinkle some parmesan cheese over them once their cook and your set.  I guarantee, your kids will love them.  I mean who doesn’t like spaghetti sauce? If you can make your own great if not the store bought one will give you the same effect.  If you’re interested in learning how to make home made sauce, leave me a comment and I’ll post it.  There is nothing like fresh homemade spaghetti sauce, less sodium and lots of flavor not to mention the nutritional value tomatoes offer.




We must try to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, I know that it sounds impossible but if you just add one fruit and veggie a week to what you’re already consuming by the time you know it, you’re eating the right amount of it. Come on challenge yourself, you can do it.

And now for the task of the day… Try to help an elderly neighbor, most of the time they are alone and in need of company, it could be as easy as a hello, how are you today or do you need anything.  It’s about changing things around you so that your universe becomes what you want it to be don’t forget that you get what you put out..

Have a great Day and StandUpLatina and be proud!


Summer around the corner June 10, 2012

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Good Morning,  Isn’t is great summer has finally arrived at our doorsteps it couldn’t have come any sooner.  As our kids complete school I know that many of you are wondering what to do with the kids this summer.. There are so many free or low cost things that can be done in the city.

From a puppet festival in Brooklyn to a fish parade in the Bronx, June is full of free festivals, fairs and parades for families to enjoy this summer. Scroll through the below list and make sure to mark these family activities on your calendar. Thanks to TimeoutKids, I have the scoop on all the best summer concerts for families. Many of the series kick off in June with big-name performers including Audra Rox at Madison Square Park (June 12) and Karen K and the Jitterbugs at Carroll Park (June 23).

June 9–15

Vintage Police Car Show
Dozens of police cruisers from days of yore, as well as TV-show autos like the Batmobile from the 1960s series, go on display outside what used to be New York City’s 1st Precinct. Car owners will answer questions throughout the afternoon. Sat June 9 10am–4pm. New York City Police Museum. Free. All ages. 

Brooklyn Pride Celebration 
The borough’s more-manageable LGBT celebration—a week before the big shindig in Manhattan—includes music acts, food vendors, craftspeople, nonprofit booths and a dedicated kids’ play area with storytime, puppet-making workshops and more. Sat June 9 at 11am. Prospect Park West at 15th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn ( Free. All ages.

Nature Fest 2012 
The Staten Island Museum’s annual environmental fair is back again (this time at Willowbrook Park, by the carousel) with a wealth of family offerings. Kids can try to find various animals and plants in a scavenger hunt, take a nature walk with a Staten Island Museum naturalist, check out a beekeeper demonstration (no worries; it’s safe) and get busy at the Mad Scientist table with “hair-raising experiments.” Also on the roster is an Up Close with Staten Island Nature station where little ones get to explore the likes of tortoise shells and fossils. Snacks will be available for purchase at the carousel concession stand.Sat June 9 11am–3pm. Willowbrook Park. Free. All ages. 

Figment NYC
Governors Island explodes with artistic energy at this weekend devoted to outside-the-box creativity. Kid-centric highlights include the mini-golf course “Arcade” and an interactive sculpture garden, while other activities include face-painting and sculpture-making sessions. Sat June 9, Sun June 10 10am–6pm. Governors Island. Free. All ages.

Egg Rolls and Egg Creams Festival
Honoring the bonds of Lower Manhattan’s Jewish and Chinese communities, the Museum at Eldridge Street goes ova-board with this annual block party. A klezmer march and Chinese acrobatics are followed by art activities for kids, calligraphy workshops, Yiddish- and Chinese-language lessons, and of course, plenty of the festival’s namesake snacks.Sun June 10 noon–4pm. Eldridge St between Canal and Division Sts (212-219-088, Free. All ages.

Puerto Rican Day Parade 
For more than a half-century, tens of thousands of costumed musicians, baton twirlers, school groups and cultural organizations—not to mention about 3 million spectators—gather to honor the city’s Puerto Rican community. This year’s parade theme is “Puerto Ricans in Higher Education.” Be forewarned: The parade gets crowded and, at times, boisterous. Sun June 10 at 11am. Fifth Ave from 44th to 79th Sts (718-401-0404, All ages.

Museum Mile Festival 
Once a year, a mile of Fifth Avenue (between 82nd and 105th Sts) is closed to traffic for the ultimate street fair. This year, nine museums within that stretch open their doors to the public free of charge (among them El Museo del Bario, the Museum of the City of New York, the Jewish Museum, the Guggenheim and the Met) and offer families a slew of kid-friendly activities, including a special chalk drawing project in front of the Museum of the City of New York. Also look for live music, magicians and clowns performing on the grand avenue. Check our guide to the night’s festivities for more specifics. Tue June 12 6–9pm. Fifth Ave between 82nd and 105th Sts (212-606-2296, Free. All ages. 

June 16–22

Hunts Point Fish Parade and Summer Festival
What originally began as a protest of the Fulton Fish Market has evolved into a neighborhood institution, loosely modeled on Coney Island’s infamous Mermaid Parade. Marine-costumed revelers march from Hunts Point Riverside Park to Barretto Point Park, where the festivities continue with games and performances for kids of all ages. Sat June 16 10:30am–5pm. Parade starts at Hunts Point Riverside Park at 10:30am; festival is atBarretto Point Park noon–5pm. Free. All ages.

Bang on a Can Marathon
You might want to bring the earplugs: This annual percussionfest gets very loud, with 12 hours of free live music played by hundreds of musicians. Sun Jun 17 noon–midnight.World Financial Center Winter Garden. Free. All ages.

Make Music New York
Aaron Friedman’s annual day of music kicks off across the city with mass musician meet-ups, with the likes of clarinetists and toy-piano players. Music lovers can unite throughout the day to take in impromptu performances and parades, featuring everyone from high-school up-and-comers to more recognizable names. Thu June 21 dawn–10pm. Various locations ( Free. All ages.

June 22–30

Mermaid Parade 
Coney Island’s answer to Greenwich Village’s infamous Halloween Parade might be a little risqué for some tiny ones, but plenty of families scope out King Neptune as he presides over wacky floats, marching bands and a dazzling array of scantily clad, seafaring sirens.Sat June 23 at 2pm. Surf Ave from W 21st to W 10th Sts, Coney Island, Brooklyn ( Free. All ages.

Brooklyn Kite Festival 
Young kite enthusiasts are invited to catch a breeze from the river during this high-flying event. Kids can bring their own kites or purchase one on-site. Sat June 23 10am–2pm.Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 1. Free. All ages.

Family Fishing Celebration in Central Park
Families learn about aquatic ecology at this annual celebration that includes catch-and-release fishing in the Harlem Meer. Fish-themed crafts and a microscope activity with the New York Microscopical Society will be offered to kids. From 12:30 to 2pm, check out a storytelling performance featuring the Magic Goldfish. Sat June 23 noon–3pm. Central Park, Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. Free. All ages.

Inti Raymi
The Andean Festival of the Sun celebration includes performances by the Ecuadorian dance group Ayazamana. While you’re at the museum, explore the many exhibits that teach kids about the Native people of the Americas. Sat June 23 2–4pm. National Museum of the American Indian. Free. All ages.

Summer on the Hudson Fishing Festival
With help from the NYC Parks Rangers, kids learn how to cast a line, get a fish nibbling and reel in the catch. Or simply take part in river-related activities and aquatic arts and crafts. Fishing equipment is provided. Sat June 30 11am–3pm. West Harlem Piers Park. All ages.

Enjoy the month!.
 PS:  Task for the day:  Always try to go out with little lip gloss, even if your going to the corner store.. When you look good, you feel good.. Standup Latina and be Proud!

Helping communities and their families June 8, 2012

Good Afternoon,

As I was driving home today, I experienced something I never ever wish any of you feel that you would have to do. I drive by a street corner one of the boro’s in NYC and sadly I see a little girl, she couldn’t be much older than 6 or 7 years old dressed provocatively (in my opinion) dancing and singing and begging for money while her mother stood a few yards away.  I was disgusted to say the least! That the mother would have her daughter do that is unforgivable. Now I don’t have anything against you as a mother doing what you need to do to feed your children.  Who I am to judge? However, when it comes to using your children NOW that I can not stand for. It is abuse not to mention immoral.  I can come up with a few more words but you get the picture where I’m coming from.  Today economically speaking times are tough and I know that there are times you might feel that you don’t know where to turn.  In an earlier post, I mentioned that there are a few organizations that help families in need.  Below are few of the links to their websites. The websites contain contact numbers and information on their services, if you know of anyone that might be in need please pass on this information.  As a Whitney Houston song said “Our children are our future” and we must try everything possible to give them the best care, love and protection we can give them..


Here are a few organizations that offer help: (copy/paste)


1. The Puerto Rican Family Institute:
2. NY Immigration Coalition:  (huge list of organizations)
3. Childrens Aid Society:
4. Community Association of Progressive Dominicans:
5. The Beacon Program:
6. Aspira:


If you know of any additional organizations that offer help to families in need, please share.


And lastly,  I didn’t want to forget today’s task:  Before the end of the day, Try to help just one person today, it could be as simple as holding a door or just smiling.. Try it you’ll see how great you’ll feel……..Have a great day and Standup Latina !


I’m Grrrrrrrreat June 7, 2012

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good Morning,  I’ll try to send an encouraging note each morning.  Perhaps a few tasks to do each morning or throughout the day, something that you can do for yourself…Hopefully it’ll make you feel better if only for that moment.  You see, we should try to make ourselves happy if only for a while because with each smile we give, that is less stress that we’ll have..  Less stress eguals longer life….

Happy living everyone..



Free Job training and placement

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Are you bilingual?  Whether your mother tongue is Spanish or English you have a possible new career.. Have you ever thought of becoming an interpreter?  Here is your chance.  The promise program a program offered at Memorial Sloan Kettering might be something to look into… The Program For Medical Interpreting Services + Education (PROMISE), sponsored by Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Center for Immigrant Health & Cancer Disparities is reaching-out to you for FREE training and job-placement support. It offers 90 hours of training and the course syllabus extensively covers: Medical Terminology, Sight Translation, Note Taking, Cultural Competency & Awareness, Confidentiality, Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in Medical Interpreting. After training is completed the students obtain employment as Interpreters in Hospitals or as Freelance Interpreters for Interpreting Agencies.


For information on the program, its services and schedules please visit this page: