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Butt what’s this all about? June 16, 2012

Hi there!

The other day I caught up with one of my new favorite daytime shows “Bethenny”.  She had Coco on her show and they spoke about her, what else? Butt.  Though I always thought Coco’s butt was artificial but you know what?  Who cares!  What I did find interesting was her work out, here’s that link you should check out it.!.

Now,  I know that we are trying to shed those last few pounds before the kids are done with school and the beach weather is in full gear. But you have to agree with me that the Butt is one of the very important if not THE most important part now adays.  I mean really, you know they’re gonna look at you when you walk away might as well make sure it looks as good as it could.

There is allot of talk about the Brazilian workout, Brazilian gazillion you and I know that those tapes are so darn expensive and most of us can’t afford a real gym.  What we can do is utilize the internet and most of us all have a computer.  Now adays, you can find almost anything on youtube, from how to apply makeup to how to cook a particular dish.  You can also find a how to get “The Butt”.  I have done some homework and I found one of the best ones in my opinion.  Check it out and let me know however,  if you do decide do commit  you must remember to be consistent.  You could see some results if you’re watching what you’re eating in as little as 2-3 weeks.  So what are you waiting for,  there is plenty of time before the 4th of July beach weekend.  Everyone is getting into these workouts heck even itunes is offering a $0.99 cent butt workout app for your iPhone or iPad.  You might want to check that out.  Here is the butt workout I mentioned, its pretty intense,  This youtube video is really really good however if you have the budget to purchase Leandro Carvalho’s Brazilian butt workout do it.  If you read my last post about Beachready you saw there was a link to the page about BeachBody. Within that package the Leandro Carvalho’s butt workout CD is part of the Beachbody package.  If you don’t  not to worry, the above youtube link does the trick.

And lastly my daily task, make sure when your going out today that you have on your sunscreen. Always make sure that you apply the sunscreen especially on the face and of course the rest of the body.  You want to take care of your face, you don’t want to prematurely wrinkle.  I have for years taken care of my skin and thankfully it has paid off.  So remember before leaving the house apply that sunscreen and the lipgloss oh and don’t forget that hair accessory.. Have a glorious day, don’t sit around Standuplatina and be proud.


BEACH BODY READY? June 14, 2012

Hi There,

In yesterdays blog I mentioned where you can stock up on fresh delicious fruits and vegetables, hopefully you took a trip there and you weren’t disappointed.  Now that you have your fruits and vegetables in check what about the rest of you.  I mean you’re taking care of your insides what about the outside. I always want to make sure that you take care of YOU.  We’re always so busy with the kids that we tend to not take care of ourselves.  When we look good we feel good and when we feel good it shows in so many ways..


I was turned on to a new program well new to me, its called TeamBeachbody.  Its a new way of getting fit.  It comes with a whole bunch of stuff in it, from weights, to shakes, measurements well allot of stuff.  I will be taking the Beachbody challenge.  Just want to warn you, it is a bit costly about a little over $100 but I’ve seen tremendous results.  I will be taking the challenge shortly.  I’ll be ordering the package next week and will be posting before and after pictures once I’ve completed the program.  If interested in checking out the information you can log on to Check it out, Let me know what you think.


Lastly,  I wanted to give you the task of the day:  Always make sure that you encourage your child, always tell them you love them, hug and kiss them and when you’re spending time with them make sure to turn the cell phone off. This is your time with them don’t let anyone or anything distract you from those precious moments with them.  Remember those moments will never come back so cherish them .  When you take care of their needs, you’ll see how much better things can be.  Have a great day and StandUPLatina and be proud!