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The Best Things in Life Are Free! June 22, 2012

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Just like the song says “The Best Things in Life Are Free”..Don’t you just love it when things are free.. ahhh I sure do..

Well, speaking of free, I was planning my week and I came across a site that gave such interesting information regarding free or very low cost  locations to bring the kids to.   From the Bronx zoo to the Queens Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately most are not on the weekend, you can just plan a day at the park, a good BBQ (love those) or the beach.  During the week you might want to check out whats available. Some of the locations listed are pretty awesome. check it out!

And now for the task of the week, now that summer’s here you might want to lighten up the hair just a bit and change the tone of makeup you use.  Its about brightening your colors,  Its about you Girl so Standup Latina and be Proud!


Helping communities and their families June 8, 2012

Good Afternoon,

As I was driving home today, I experienced something I never ever wish any of you feel that you would have to do. I drive by a street corner one of the boro’s in NYC and sadly I see a little girl, she couldn’t be much older than 6 or 7 years old dressed provocatively (in my opinion) dancing and singing and begging for money while her mother stood a few yards away.  I was disgusted to say the least! That the mother would have her daughter do that is unforgivable. Now I don’t have anything against you as a mother doing what you need to do to feed your children.  Who I am to judge? However, when it comes to using your children NOW that I can not stand for. It is abuse not to mention immoral.  I can come up with a few more words but you get the picture where I’m coming from.  Today economically speaking times are tough and I know that there are times you might feel that you don’t know where to turn.  In an earlier post, I mentioned that there are a few organizations that help families in need.  Below are few of the links to their websites. The websites contain contact numbers and information on their services, if you know of anyone that might be in need please pass on this information.  As a Whitney Houston song said “Our children are our future” and we must try everything possible to give them the best care, love and protection we can give them..


Here are a few organizations that offer help: (copy/paste)


1. The Puerto Rican Family Institute:
2. NY Immigration Coalition:  (huge list of organizations)
3. Childrens Aid Society:
4. Community Association of Progressive Dominicans:
5. The Beacon Program:
6. Aspira:


If you know of any additional organizations that offer help to families in need, please share.


And lastly,  I didn’t want to forget today’s task:  Before the end of the day, Try to help just one person today, it could be as simple as holding a door or just smiling.. Try it you’ll see how great you’ll feel……..Have a great day and Standup Latina !


Free Job training and placement June 7, 2012

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Are you bilingual?  Whether your mother tongue is Spanish or English you have a possible new career.. Have you ever thought of becoming an interpreter?  Here is your chance.  The promise program a program offered at Memorial Sloan Kettering might be something to look into… The Program For Medical Interpreting Services + Education (PROMISE), sponsored by Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Center for Immigrant Health & Cancer Disparities is reaching-out to you for FREE training and job-placement support. It offers 90 hours of training and the course syllabus extensively covers: Medical Terminology, Sight Translation, Note Taking, Cultural Competency & Awareness, Confidentiality, Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation, Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in Medical Interpreting. After training is completed the students obtain employment as Interpreters in Hospitals or as Freelance Interpreters for Interpreting Agencies.


For information on the program, its services and schedules please visit this page:


Hello world!

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This blog is for you. It was created for single mothers who find themselves needing a change and can’t find the courage or support to do so.    After a 20 plus year career as a PR professional, I felt empty.  I searched for a change and although I am still on that journey to my new life, I feel it necessary to share any information that I feel might be of some help to you.

I have embarked on this new journey to find my purpose and although I have a definitive goal, this new path has brought me to new areas, areas  that I  noticed my past experiences might be of some help to you.  Yes,  this is for you single mother,  the one who works so many hours.  A mother who works to make ends meet or barely makes it.  I’m here to tell you that  there is a wealth of information out there of services that might help put you in a new direction.  There are organizations both profit and non-profit that offer wonderful opportunities all at low or NO cost to you.  Opportunities that might help you embark on a new career.

This blog will try to give as much information as possible on different Latin organizations that can help empower you to help you StandUP Latina and be proud.