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The Best Things in Life Are Free! June 22, 2012

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Just like the song says “The Best Things in Life Are Free”..Don’t you just love it when things are free.. ahhh I sure do..

Well, speaking of free, I was planning my week and I came across a site that gave such interesting information regarding free or very low cost  locations to bring the kids to.   From the Bronx zoo to the Queens Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately most are not on the weekend, you can just plan a day at the park, a good BBQ (love those) or the beach.  During the week you might want to check out whats available. Some of the locations listed are pretty awesome. check it out!

And now for the task of the week, now that summer’s here you might want to lighten up the hair just a bit and change the tone of makeup you use.  Its about brightening your colors,  Its about you Girl so Standup Latina and be Proud!


Dogs Days of Summer.. Where’s the Relief? June 21, 2012

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Hi Everyone,

Summer is in full gear in New York with sweltering temperatures of 99 and above.  It’s enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk wish it was enough to melt the fat away..HA! Wishful thinking. 

The weekend is approaching and I gather your wondering where to bring the kids for some much needed relief from the heat.  I gathered some information on several pools within the area that are either free or at a low fee. Below are links to locations of different pools throughout the five boro’s.  I’ve also managed to include Long Island.  Beaches are also open,  I prefer Jones Beach but if transportation is limited for you Rockaway beach is pretty cool now adays.  Stay within the beach 96 – 101. That area is family friendly besides it has this great Empanada/Arepa place called Caracas.. There delish!  There a bit pricey but so worth it.








Lastly,  don’t forget that sunblock.  It must be applied every 30 minutes.  Now since were going to the beach, I wanted to include a task that will work well while your sunbathing and enjoying the sun with the kids.  Why not put on one of those head scarfs bring it down little towards the middle of your forehead, something colorful and don’t forget to dab on lipgloss and pretty earrings..  Looking good is feeling good… StandupLatina and be Proud!


Affordable summer delights June 11, 2012

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Good Morning,

Now that summer is on the way we always tend to want to lose weight, heck I know I do.  Guess it’s the heat and its also because I see some people that look so great and are fit not to mention all those gorgeous outfits.. It truly motivates me I don’t know about you.

Buying fruits and vegetables on a single mothers budget can be awfully challenging.. We want to give the best and freshest fruit and veggies we can serve our kids.  I’ve shopped at many places, from the fresh green markets, deli’s , fruit stands and super markets and no one but no one beats this neighborhood fruit stand I’ve been frequenting these past few months, the place is called Valentinos.  It’s located in Ridgewood Queens, borderline Brooklyn on Fresh Pond Road and Madison Street. No,  I don’t get paid mentioning this I simply want to give my readers the best possible place for fresh, delicious, cheap fruits and veggies.  Now, to get a great deal on fruit and veggies you must stick with what’s in season. You might want to check out this page, it’ll give you the entire list of fruits and veggies available this summer season and there are lots of them to chose from just incase your child is a picky eater (


Now, when you get to Valentino’s, try not to go on the weekend because its like you’re going for the hottest toy in christmas and you found (1) and you’re running for that last one with 10 other parents behind you running for the same thing.. I know it sounds crazy but thats how crazy it is at Valentino’s. So be patient and let the crazies go by so you can shop and get what you need.  Don’t stress yourself, remember stress eguals everything else we don’t want and if you’ve read my last blogs you know what I’m talking about.  There are fruits in the front right before you enter those are good and the best priced fruits available now you can also go inside but the fruits cost just alittle more. The fruits outside are just as good as the ones on the inside they’re just priced to be moved fast..I  usually grab strawberries, green apples, grapes, pineapple and blueberries from the outside.  The pineapple there is the cheapest I’ve ever found ($2.00) per pineapple Wow! Also, the string beans, my favorite are also beautifully priced.  I love  buying them, I clean them up and cook  them in some spaghetti sauce sprinkle some parmesan cheese over them once their cook and your set.  I guarantee, your kids will love them.  I mean who doesn’t like spaghetti sauce? If you can make your own great if not the store bought one will give you the same effect.  If you’re interested in learning how to make home made sauce, leave me a comment and I’ll post it.  There is nothing like fresh homemade spaghetti sauce, less sodium and lots of flavor not to mention the nutritional value tomatoes offer.




We must try to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, I know that it sounds impossible but if you just add one fruit and veggie a week to what you’re already consuming by the time you know it, you’re eating the right amount of it. Come on challenge yourself, you can do it.

And now for the task of the day… Try to help an elderly neighbor, most of the time they are alone and in need of company, it could be as easy as a hello, how are you today or do you need anything.  It’s about changing things around you so that your universe becomes what you want it to be don’t forget that you get what you put out..

Have a great Day and StandUpLatina and be proud!